Deep Rest & Restorative Yoga
Pranayama & Breathwork

Yoga Nidra

Also known sometimes as Deep Rest Meditation or NSDR. A space to fully rest and re-learn how to be. Surrender to your whole experience. We intentionally enter into a state that approximates sleep. However, we remain aware (the paradoxical process of being awake while asleep!!)

By practising Yoga Nidra, we can learn to access a state somewhere between ‘asleep’ and ‘awake’. As we take time to rest, we learn to be with our whole self – our whole experience – with a dreamlike quality, more spacious than our thinking mind. Rather than judging, choosing and refusing what we do and don’t like about ourselves and about life, we have the opportunity to be with ourselves in a new, more open, less judgmental way.

I was trained at the Ekhart Academy. I use James Reeves’ method. Want to learn more? Read his and Gabrielle Brown’s wonderful book The Book of Rest- Stop Striving and Start Being 

I teach at Wake Up Yoga (Zeeheldenkwartier) and Inner Embassy

I also regularly host workshops. In addition, I am available for private sessions/workshops/events. 

Pranayama & Breathwork

‘Breathing is indispensable, and it works best when it is effortless. Most of us do not think about the way we breathe. We usually take breathing for granted; we do not realise the harmful effects that faulty breathing can have nor the freedom we can gain by improving how we breathe.’ (Jessica Wolf)

Many people are unaware that the breath is a powerful tool which can give us a sense of presence and a deeper awareness of how we feel. It helps us to gain a feeling of ease and makes us more acutely attuned to our bodies. Regulating the breath rate can be used for balancing, calming, or lifting your energy and soothing your mind.  Correct breathing can help improve cardiac health by improving lung capacity, heart coherence, and can help normalize blood pressure.

I was trained by Laurent Roure. As such, my approach is subtle, gentle, safe and effective. My classes are always tailored to your needs, and slow-paced.

Breathing should NEVER feel uncomfortable in my classes. Keep within your own personal limits, stay in your comfort zone. Over time, with practice, your comfort zone will expand!

If you have long COVID, asthma, COPD, persistent coughing and if you are a smoker, I would recommend 1:1 sessions rather than group classes. 

There is scientific evidence that both physical health and mental health can benefit. 

I am available for private sessions/workshops/events.