Workshop 16 December 2022 in DELFT

An introduction to Pranayama & Breathwork

Join us for an end-of-year workshop of self-care for the body and the mind.

Our breath is incredibly powerful; it is our life force, the source of our vital energy. However, because we live in a stressful, busy world, we often hold our breath, or breathe in a quick, shallow way. This can make us tired and affect our health and well-being in many ways.

In this workshop, we will connect with our whole respiratory system, and learn to do a full, nourishing, yogic breath. We will also explore breath as energy (prana) and learn about the ways we can work with this energy, and the benefits to our health.

We will finish in savasana in the slings, giving ourselves an opportunity to fully let go and surrender to our experience in the present moment. We will also set a meaningful intention for the coming New Year, so we can focus on what we truly need in 2023. 

Come along to experience the power of your breath!

16 December 2022 11:00-12:30

Womanhood studio
Schoolstraat 28
2611 HS Delft


Eating and drinking

Avoid eating 1-2 hours before the workshop.

After workshop, drink plenty of water, eat mindfully.


€20 per person

Who is this workshop for?

Participants: min. 3, max. 11

For adults of all ages, genders and abilities and levels of experience, except:

-current psychosis

-unmanaged epilepsy

-severe acid reflux currently

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