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Full Moon Deep Rest & Breathe

Workshop 5th May 2023

The refreshing effect of the Full Moon can relieve tension, emotional intensity, and
exhaustion. Practising restful yoga during a full moon and aligning your energy with
this lunar phase will allow you to feel grounded. The evening is the best time to
practise and this will also allow you to reap the benefits as you wind down before



Yogacentrum | Liv Leidse Hout


€30 per person

Who is this workshop for?

Ideal for people struggling with burn-out, stress, anxiety, or insomnia.
No yoga experience is needed. Always let me know if you have any injuries/health

Adults of all ages, genders and abilities are welcome.

However, this session is not suitable if you are currently experiencing:
– psychosis/dissociation
– unmanaged epilepsy
– severe acid reflux
-suicidal thoughts 


Experiencing a sense of heaviness and sluggishness during the Full Moon is
common, so you may want to eat lighter, nurturing, easily digestible and freshly
cooked vegetarian food on the day. Avoid eating at least 1-2 hours before the
session. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

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