Deep Rest & Sound Healing workshop in Scheveningen

A day of pranayama (yogic breathing) and yoga nidra (deep rest meditation) to fully connect with ourselves and our energy. Accompanied by the sounds of crystal bowls, played by the amazing Michaela Kress.

When and where

21 January 2023 10:00-14:00.

Location: Koek & Hopi – Ruimte voor Lichaam & Ziel

Keizerstraat 40B

2584 BK Scheveningen

About the Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

A Crystal Bowl Sound Bath is a relaxation technique and meditative experience in which the participants bathe in the waves of the sounds produced by the Singing Bowls.The vibration and frequency of the sound bowls are powerful forces that influence life all the way down to the cellular level. Alchemy Crystal Bowls are of the highest quality, 99.99% pure quartz crystal. Precious stones, minerals and precious metals are fused with quartz to create highly resonant and deeply transforming bowls.
The pure tones cannot only be heard but you can also feel them in your body where certain tones touch your energy centers for healing, balance and meditation.
The enchanting and serene sounds of Alchemy Crystal Bowls guide you deeper into yourself, into relaxation, reflection and healing.

Michaela is certified in both Yin Yoga & Reiki and has been trained and working with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls for the past four years facilitating healing sound bath and workshops.
Learn more:

Evidence about the benefits of soundbaths

Eating and drinking

Avoid eating 1-2 hours before the workshop.

After workshop, drink plenty of water, eat mindfully.

Herbal teas will be included

Healthy and delicious snacks by the amazing Dopamine Chef will be provided


€69 per person

Contact me on to book. Please let me know of any allergies and physical/mental health conditions/pregnancy (very important!!!!!)

Who is this workshop for?

Participants: min. 4, max. 10

For adults of all ages, genders and abilities and levels of experience, except:

-current psychosis/dissociation

-unmanaged epilepsy

-severe acid reflux currently

Since the location is 5 minutes walk from the beach, a mindful walk on the beach is optional but recommended before or after the workshop!

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